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    Intelligence in Events


    Smart event management platform. With it the event manager can give to the participants a unique experience using context aware mobile Apps.


    The manager he also a dashboard with reports and statistics from his event. With that he can analyze the content and sponsors performance in the event and improve the next experience.



    A world of possibilities


    An IoT platform that supports the development using beacons. You can develop many different solutions using Farol, like micro location positioning, proximity marketing and mobile payment.






  • Customers

    SAP uses Farol products and the Eventelis intelligence platform to enhance the experience of its events, turning them into a stage of innovation and networtking

    SmartX is a customer and partner, their IoT solutions integrate with the Farol Plataform to develop magical experiences to our costumers

    Tecnosinos is a technological park located at UNISINOS University. They use our product Eventelis to promote connection and networking between companies in the park's internal events.

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    SAP Startup Focus Program Logo

    SAP Startup Focus program promotes entrepreneurship and enables us to process and display analytical data in real time through the use of the SAP HANA Platform.

    AWS Activate Logo

    The Amazon AWS Activate program is important to deliver high quality service even when its usage increases suddenly due to the constant growth of our users.

    Durham Region Logo

    We partnered up with Durham region, one of Canada's growing economic communities and the largest geographic municipality in the Greater Toronto Area.

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    Matias Scheitel

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    Douglas Novakoski

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    Neide Rodrigues

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